The Sabbath Day was designed as a time to remember, refresh, and refrain. What lessons can the modern church learn from this ancient gift of God?



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What did the early Jews experience on the day of Pentecost when they were convicted with the reality that they had killed the Messiah? What applications should be drawn from their story to change us?


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How might the oddities of crucifixion weekend relate to the ancient story of Kora’s rebellion and prompt the conviction of Pentecost? What applications should be drawn from their story to change us?


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Q: What was it about that first Gospel sermon on the day of Pentecost that could prompt such change?

A: There were at least seven parts to the inaugural sermon on the first day of the church. The opening four sections led to conviction. The last three  sections led to the solution.

1. Validation
2. Intimation
3. Confirmation
4. Personalization

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Q: What was the logic that led to such massive conviction on the day of Pentecost? What prompted such collective guilt and resolution?

A: After the opening four sections led to conviction, Peter was promoted by God to close the deal with an enumeration of the steps to a solution. Surely this was among the most important sermons ever delivered. Surely it should overrule any man-made doctrine of today!

5. Obligation
6. Invitation
7. Implication

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When forgiveness is reduced to the superficial level of a feeling, the roller coaster ride of uncertainty and insecurity begins. Biblical forgiveness has substance. It comes as the result of a Divine journey through calculation, determination and a realization (Acts 8:26-39).

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Did you ever try to forgive someone, yet struggle to regain the same feelings you had for them before you were hurt? Did you ever second guess your forgiveness because the relationship didn’t return to the same level of emotion as before? In this lesson, we will examine Colossians 3:13-14 to unlock the true meaning of love (agape) and it’s importance to having peace about forgiving others.

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What did Paul really mean when he said, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers”? (2 Corinthians 6:14, NIV)

How does this verse apply to marriage, business and worship?
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This lesson attempts to unravel an intriguing mystery that has spawned a multitude of false conclusions and a hellish entitlement culture within the church. If God sees all and knows all before it ever happens, is the future predetermined without our influence? Example: When a young person graduates from high school, does God’s pre-knowledge, pre-destination, and pre-planning nullify their freewill to impact life’s journey?

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“In and Out,” “Round and Round,” “Side by Side” – God’s parallels protect the purity of Scripture and remove the need for human filtering.



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“God’s message is never lost or completely forgotten, but it is often neglected.”

God’s priming helps protect the purity of Scripture and remove the need for human filtering.


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When predictions are made over 1,000 years prior to the events occurring, then fulfilled with precise accuracy, it must be concluded that God was involved. His prophecies prove that the Bible can be trusted.


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Did you know that some 40 different men who spoke at least 3 different languages and lived on 3 different continents wrote the Bible over a period of 1600 years? Yet, in spite of the enormous odds against it, the Bible’s harmony and accuracy have never been matched. Only through Divine protection could this marvelous book survive without contradictions.

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The prime directive of Matthew 28:18-20 (NIV) demands that the message of Scripture is providentially preserved. Otherwise, fulfillment of “The Great Commission” is impossible. “All authority” was given to Christ. We are called to “make disciples” of His values and we are only authorized to bind on others what He has “commanded” as doctrine.

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In Matthew 28:18-20, the Lord gives us three principles that must always govern the “Doctrine of the Strait Gate”:

1. His Authority
2. Our Responsibility
3. Their Opportunity

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Those who refuse to define the strait gate in biblical terms (essential for entering the kingdom, John 3:5, Romans 6:3-4) create a damnable distraction of false hope within the hearts of those who approach but are told it is unnecessary to go through. These false teachers must be exposed!

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After passing though the nexus, the freedom of fellowship opens up into three Divine advantages that are described in Romans 14. This lesson examines the first advantage, “The Faith Filter” (Romans 14:1-4).


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In order to fully appreciate the second principle governing our fellowship, “Worship Wide Open,” we must understand that Jesus desired harmony more than just unity.


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In order to fully appreciate the third principle governing our fellowship, “Mutual Edification,” we must value harmony more than just unity.



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30 Days of Praise - Lesson 1The Lord’s Prayer provides great instruction and inspiration about the nature of God and the appropriate way for humans to praise Him.
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30 Days of Praise - Lesson 2Talking rocks?! Dancing naked?! Eating words?! The Bible speaks of some peculiar approaches to praise. In this lesson, we will explore some ways to praise when you’re loved, when you’re not, and when you’re just not sure.


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30 Days of Praise - Lesson 3Mindless, manipulated, or measured praise? That is the question. In this lesson, we examine Jesus’ odd claim that even the stones would cry out. We also expose one of Calvinism’s greatest weaknesses – there is no personal gift for the King.

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Through the RoofThis lesson draws applications from one of the most interesting stories in the life of Jesus. When a man drops through the roof to gain an audience with Jesus, several interesting applications result (Mark 2:1-12 – Impress, Digress, Suppress). Jesus was impressed, but not when some digressed; faithlessness suppressed when He invited controversy.

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godofimpossibleSometimes politics can be an overwhelming distraction and discouragement. Have you grown weary of the mud fest that the election season brings? If you answered yes, then please do one thing before giving up on the electoral process. Please click on the following link and listen to this sermon I presented, “The God of the Impossible.” I truly believe it will lift your spirits and change the way you think about your immeasurable influence.

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  1. I listened to all three of these messages and as I listened I cried! Thank you, Thank you for your diligent study of God’s Word and very capably delivering it to others so we can learn. I am one happy mother that can say my son has grown spiritually that he has his own relationship with our Heavenly Father. Remember when you were a child and I told you, “Son you must have a personal relationship with God; your father and I cannot get you to heaven, you will not get there because we were good people but it has to be about your personal relationship with God.” Thank you for the messages! Love MOM

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