To Keep the Faith!

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Church growth studies estimate that over 70% of high school seniors leave the church upon graduation! This important book provides the necessary steps to address this spiritual emergency.


In order to reverse the tragic trend of young people abandoning the faith, four areas must be addressed:

1. Conversion – Understanding Sin, Sacrifice, and Self-discipline

2. Investment – Taking Ownership of Their Place Within the Church

3. Dependence – Developing Loyalty to the Spiritual Network

4. Expression – Celebrating Reverent, Relevant, Revealing Worship

Book Introduction

Some church growth studies estimate that over 70% of high school seniors leave the church upon graduation!

When I began working with young people over 30 years ago, church growth experts estimated that approximately 45% of high school seniors left the church upon graduation. That statistic shocked me then and the tragic numbers continue to drive my ministry to this day.

Over the last 3 decades, I have given a great deal of thought and prayer to this subject. I have been blessed to travel from coast to coast, speaking on this tragic trend, as well as write several books about the biblical solutions. The information in this book is a brief overview of the highlights from that material.

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