Thief on the Cross?

Thief on the Cross?

When considering the question, “Was the thief on the cross saved without being baptized?,” the three following areas must be addressed:

Examples: Being baptized for the remission of sins is an undeniable pattern throughout the New Testament.

Exceptions: God is the only One Who has the right to make exceptions to His rules. It is NOT our place to preach or teach possible exceptions and thereby distract followers from the clear commands of God

Excuses: Being invited to the free wedding banquet, but stubbornly refusing to put on Christ in baptism (Galatians 3:27) is both selfish and damnable. We should never make excuses about something we understand to do and have the opportunity to do RIGHT NOW.

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The Best Thing We Can Do for America is Cleanse the Church

In order to communicate with Heaven that we have learned our lesson, Christians must take immediate action. America’s temporary reprieve will only last if we begin now to cleanse the church.

Within this book you will find four areas needing our immediate attention:

  1. Illegal Aliens Among the Church (Showing Them the Door)
  2. Draining the Swamp (Exposing and Removing False Teachers)
  3. Selfish, Spoiled and Entitled (Calling Christians Out Of Childhood)
  4. Building a Wall (The Holiness of an Exclusive, Inclusive, Conclusive Church)

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Can the Bible Be Trusted?

Can the Bible Be Trusted?

In this book, we will discuss 7 principles of the Divine preservation of Scripture.

Yes, you can trust in the Divine preservation of the inspired Word. Use it in your personal Bible study. Test every preacher, teacher, and church leader by it. Filter all doctrines through it.

Man cannot be trusted with the greatest message of all time. In order to be sure of God’s message, always let the Bible interpret the Bible.


1. God’s Promise
2. God’s Presentation
3. God’s Parallels
4. God’s Protection
5. God’s Prophecy
6. God’s Priming
7. God’s Prime Directive

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Our Mission

For over 35 years, Sonny Childs has ministered as a missionary to America. He is an author, traveling evangelist, and one of the preachers for the Union Central Church of Christ near Paragould, AR.

Because of the urgent nature of our culture in crisis, this ministry has taken the unusual step of making each of his books free for electronic download. Sonny has written over 40 books for adults, teens and other Bible class study guides. This online catalog represents thousands of hours of studying, writing, editing and publishing. It is our deepest prayer that this material will serve you well and inspire a revival within our culture.

Like all missionaries, we depend upon the support of fellow Christians to keep us going. Please remember us in your prayers and consider making us part of your missional giving.

The Childs Family – Gabriel, Victoria, Bryson, Cindy, & Sonny

One More Thing…

Every year Sonny is blessed to crisscross the nation speaking at Gospel meetings, revivals, seminars, and youth events. He is often asked to speak on one of the topics found in his books. If you would like to have more information on having him come to your community, please fill out the form below.

Sonny has no set fees. He asks only that the hosting congregation take care of his travel expenses and consider making a donation toward the furtherance of this ministry.