This platform of discipleship rests solidly upon a discovery of the harmony of Scripture. Only by letting God’s Word interpret God’s Word can the will of God truly be found (Matthew 7:21-23).

The Restoration School of Biblical Studies does not provide elevating academic degrees from human accreditation. Our supreme goal is the humble pursuit of “Well done!” (Matthew 25:21) from the only absolute Truth (John 14:6).

How It Works

Short Version Explanation: Receive the SBS email every Friday, click the link(s) to watch your class(es), cut & paste the questions into an email then fill in your answers. Send the email to us for assessment and responses.

Long Version Explanation: On January 3, 2021, our family ministry launched a new online Bible study platform called “Restoration School of Biblical Studies.”

Restoration courses are presented in 16 lesson/week packages and are accessible in three formats – in person, online live, or as archived recordings.

Restoration students have two options for engaging the information:

  1. Real-Time: Students watch the live posts and/or wait to receive the weekly lessons and questions in an email each Friday. After watching the lesson or reading the assigned material, students cut & paste the questions into an email, fill in their answers, and send the email to us. We assess the answers and respond. Note: Students need not take all of the courses at once. Each will be archived for future access.
  2. Personal Pace: Students have access to a library of archived courses which can be completed at their own pace. 

These courses are perfect for developing church leaders and for Christians who simply want to expand their Bible knowledge. Please plan to take full advantage of all these courses.


*There are no costs for any of our courses, but contributions to our ministry are appreciated.

Core Classes

We highly recommend that new students complete the Core Classes before moving on to other subjects. These Core Classes represent the foundational values of the Restoration School of Biblical Studies and will lay the proper foundation for other lessons.