Watch the “Lord’s Day Live!” video then copy the following “Doodle Bible School” and “Application Sermon Questions,” click the “Submit Answers” button below each set of questions and paste the questions into the email. Answer the questions and send them to us. Do the “Make It Real Assignment” for the Reading Assignment.

Doodle Bible School

Lesson 10

Were you able to watch the entire lesson?

1. What is the theme of Exodus 10?

2. Can you doodle the picture clue?

3. What previous plague is mentioned in this announcement of the coming plague? (10:12)

4. Can you quote the memory verse? 

5. What did God use to bring the locust? (10:13)

6. What did the locusts do to the appearance of the land? (10:15)

7. What did God use to drive out the locust? (10:19)

8. Where did the locust end up? (10:19)

9. How many locusts were driven out to Egypt? (10:19)

10. What other occurrences can you think of that covers the ground and makes it look a different color?

Application Sermon Questions

Lesson 10

Were you able to watch the entire lesson?

1. What plague preceded the Death Angel passing throughout Egypt? (Exodus 10:21)

2. What was the first point of this lesson? (Exodus 10:21) 

3. What was the second point of this lesson? (Exodus 10:23) 

4. What was the difference between what the Egyptians experienced and what God’s people experienced during this plague? (Exodus 10:23)

5. What was the third point of this lesson? (Exodus 10:28) 

For additional ways to capitalize on the information in the chapter above, click the link below.

Home Church Worship Guide – Exodus 10

Reading Assignment


Within the following reading assignments, you will find a phrase-by-phrase study of the most famous homemaker in all of history – the Virtuous Woman from Proverbs 31. 

The Holy, Happy Homemaker #5

Proverbs 31:10 (NKJV) “Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.”

“For her worth is far above rubies.” – From this sentence, we can draw at least two important conclusions.

1. The inspired Wise Man validates the need to assess the value of a woman’s contribution to the home.

2. Wise women engage in regular self-examination. When her excellence is fully functional, her value is greater than any monetary investment that can be made in the home. A godly home cannot be bought, but it can be built. A truly holy, happy homemaker rejects materialism in order to lay up treasures in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-21).

Make It Real Assignment: Add the following words to your list of homemaker qualities, “I am a good investment!”