Watch the “Lord’s Day Live!” video then copy the following “Doodle Bible School” and “Application Sermon Questions,” click the “Submit Answers” button below each set of questions and paste the questions into the email. Answer the questions and send them to us. Do the “Make It Real Assignment” for the Reading Assignment.

Doodle Bible School

Lesson 11

Were you able to watch the entire lesson?

1. What is the theme of Exodus 11?

2. Can you doodle the picture clue?

3. What did God say Pharaoh would do to Israel after the last plague? (11:1)

4. Can you quote the memory verse? 

5. When did God say the last plague would come? (11:4)

6. Who would die during the last plague? (11:5)

7. There would even be death among what animal group? (11:5)

8. What would not growl against the people of Israel? (11:7)

9. God said he would make a distinction between what two people groups? (11:7)

10. What makes a dog growl at some people but not others? What might this tell you about the difference between the people of Egypt and the people of Israel?

Application Sermon Questions

Lesson 11

Were you able to watch the entire lesson?

1. God’s righteous indignation was announced not just upon the firstborn of the common people but also upon whom? (Exodus 11:5)

2. Who would this last plague impact besides humans? (Exodus 11:5) 

3. What animal reaction did Moses use of evidence? (Exodus 11:7) 

4. What was Moses’ demeanor when he left Pharaoh? (Exodus 11:8)

5. What were the three points from this lesson? 

For additional ways to capitalize on the information in the chapter above, click the link below.

Home Church Worship Guide – Exodus 11

Reading Assignment


Within the following reading assignments, you will find a phrase-by-phrase study of the most famous homemaker in all of history – the Virtuous Woman from Proverbs 31. 

The Holy, Happy Homemaker #6 

Proverbs 31:11 (NKJV) “The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lack of gain.” 

“The heart of her husband” – Once again we see the emphasis on the husband/wife relationship. Notice the word “heart.” 

Consider this important application:  

By God’s design, women who are divinely focused have the unique ability to cradle and protect the hearts of those given into her trust. In this verse, the emphasis is placed upon her being trustworthy. We emphasize that quality next time. 

However, before going there, let’s also notice the general theme of heart guardianship and her husband. The average man works hours and hours each day outside the protective covering of his wife. Men are especially vulnerable to the sensual temptations of this world. From pornographic billboards, TV commercials, online pop-ups, etc., to flirtatious coworkers, the temptations to be unfaithful are enormous. The holy, happy homemaker knows her husband’s heart and guards it well. More specifically, her faithfulness to him is so beyond question that he need not add that to the long list of pressures he is faced to deal with each day. 

Helpful Suggestions: 

1. Be obvious with your need and attraction for him. 

2. Make it a top priority to keep yourself attractive. 

3. Be so approachable that he would never keep any part of his life secret. 

4. Work to keep every part of your life intertwined with his. 

5. Without being a nag, insist on knowing his schedule and coworkers. 

6. Keep him sexually focused and fulfilled in you. 

7. Read Song of Solomon and become that woman for him. 

Make It Real Assignment: Add the following words to your list of homemaker qualities, “I guard his heart!”