Watch the “Lord’s Day Live!” video then copy the following “Doodle Bible School” and “Application Sermon Questions,” click the “Submit Answers” button below each set of questions and paste the questions into the email. Answer the questions and send them to us. Do the “Make It Real Assignment” for the Reading Assignment.

Doodle Bible School

Lesson 12

Were you able to watch the entire lesson?

1. What is the theme of Exodus 12?

2. Can you doodle the picture clue?

3. At what time did the last plague strike Egypt? (12:29)

4. Can you quote the memory verse? 

5. Where were God’s people to spread the blood of the lamb? (12:22)

6. Where were God’s people told not to go until morning? (12:22)

7. Why is it called the Passover? (12:23)

8. How long were God’s people to observe this event? (12:24)

9. What were the parents supposed to tell their children about this event in days to come? (12:27)

10. Why is it important for young people to listen to the stories of the past from their parents and grandparents? 

Application Sermon Questions

Lesson 12

Were you able to watch the entire lesson?

1. What animal was central to the Passover meal? (Exodus 12:5)

2. What size gatherings were they supposed use? (Exodus 12:3-4) 

3. What areas were to be covered by a blood barrier? (Exodus 12:7) 

4. What three things were to indicate a pace of haste? (Exodus 12:11)

5. What would cause God to pass over a house? (Exodus 12:13)

For additional ways to capitalize on the information in the chapter above, click the link below.

Home Church Worship Guide – Exodus 12

Reading Assignment


Within the following reading assignments, you will find a phrase-by-phrase study of the most famous homemaker in all of history – the Virtuous Woman from Proverbs 31. 

The Holy, Happy Homemaker #7 

Proverbs 31:11 (NKJV) “The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lack of gain.” 

“safely trusts her” – While it is true that a divinely focused woman has the unique ability to cradle and protect the hearts of her family, in context, the subject is actually her own trustworthiness. 

Consider this important application:  

A holy, happy homemaker works overtime to establish her husband’s faith in her. Her speech, dress, actions and activities leave no hint that she is anything other than totally loyal to him and the home they are creating. By so doing, she removes a potentially devastating distraction from his assignment to be a provider. 

Make It Real Assignment: Add the following words to your list of homemaker qualities, “I am faithful!”