Watch the “Lord’s Day Live!” video then copy the following “Doodle Bible School” and “Application Sermon Questions,” click the “Submit Answers” button below each set of questions and paste the questions into the email. Answer the questions and send them to us. Read “Family Secrets” then follow the same instructions to submit the “Thought Questions.”

Doodle Bible School

Lesson 17

Were you able to watch the entire lesson?

1. What is the theme of Exodus 17?

2. Can you doodle the picture clue?

3. Where was the rock that Moses struck? (17:6)

4. Can you quote the memory verse? 

5. Where did the people quarrel with Moses because there was no water? (17:1)

6. Moses said they were not only quarreling with him but also doing what to the Lord? (17:2)

7. What did Moses fear they were about to do to him? (17:4)

8. Which staff was Moses supposed to use when striking the rock? (17:5)

9. What names were given to the place where they got water? (17:7)

10. What do you do sometimes that tests the Lord?

Application Sermon Questions

Lesson 17

Were you able to watch the entire lesson?

1. What was the first example used in this lesson?

2. What was the second example used in this lesson? 

3. Why were Moses and Aaron kept from leading the people into the promised land? (Numbers 20:11-12)

4. What was the third example used in this lesson?

5. What must we do in order to be exalted by God? (James 4:10)

For additional ways to capitalize on the information in the chapter above, click the link below.

Home Church Worship Guide – Exodus 17

Reading Assignment
Lesson 1

Q: What is the secret to building a safe haven?

First of all, what is a safe haven? According to Merriam Webster, it’s a 1 :harbor, port, 2 :a place of safety : refuge, 3 :a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions. 

In this case, it’s a place where you are protected or guarded from outside pressures, where you are encouraged to learn and grow in a healthy, loving environment, and where you can express your thoughts and/or emotions without being ridiculed or humiliated. One quick example of this is when I taught Bible class at a local congregation. I told my class that our classroom was a safe haven, because each person was allowed to ask questions or make comments, but the rest of the class was not allowed to laugh at them or make unkind comments toward them. We were to listen to and treat each other with respect. It made it easier to enjoy learning, and they were able to leave the outside world behind during that period of time.

So, how can you create a safe haven for your family? 

A: Here are some ideas:

  • Pay attention to your husband’s needs, as well as your children’s, and meet those needs as soon as possible. You can only do this by observing their behavior, because they probably won’t tell you outright what’s wrong.
  • Create an atmosphere of peacefulness by having a variety of music playing throughout the day, singing spiritual songs with your family, teaching your kids to play an instrument and singing along while they play. 
  • Be available to talk whenever your family comes home from any outside event. Show that you are interested in them by taking time to discuss any problems that they may be experiencing.
  • Be aware of what songs are being played in the car/house or through their headphones (the lyrics, even the type of music). Be alert to the TV shows and commercial that are coming across your screen. Even if it seems like no one is paying attention, the bad, negative thoughts and worldly jingles are still impacting them.
  • Respect their privacy, but let them know that you will be in their room, on their computer, on their phone, etc. Staying in their room with the door closed for long periods of time is never a good thing. Obviously, they need to change clothes in private, but, other than that, their door should not be locked or closed. It just makes it too easy to let temptation take hold.  
  • Pray for them and over them. Pray before they leave the house and when they return. Pray with them before they go to bed and for them after they fall asleep. Pray for your own wisdom in developing healthy relationships with your husband and each of your children.

Lesson 1 Thought Questions: Why is it important for your family to have a safe haven in your home and what are three ways you can help provide this for them?